Thursday, September 30, 2010

More on Names

So, the thing you need to realize is that I am a freak about names.  I love to think up names and combinations--to study their meanings, famous people with the same names, and popularity over the years.  Naming our kids has always been a BIG deal--we put a TON of thought into naming each child with each child having a biblical name, and each boy having a famous baseball player name, with a bunch of family names thrown in for good measure.

Wanna know how long I've been coming up with names for my babies? 

Since I was a baby myself.  Each of my dolls had a special name and when I got older I would make pretend families by cutting out pictures of kids from the Sears catalog, pasting their pics on paper, and giving them all complete first and middle names.  I always had at least ten children.

Now you know why I have so many children!  To use up all the good names I've had in store for the past 45 years!

Favorites for girls over the past few years have been Anna, Rose, and Anna Rose.  One of my best friends is Rose and I also love the name Anna--both my mom and I have Ann in our names.  I also love Lily, Caroline, Natalie, Hannah, Francesca, Ava, Macy . . . the list goes on and is forever changing.

But here's the thing.  I had this really strange, incredibly memorable dream that we were to name Rose a certain name.  This dream occurred during the time of deciding if Rose was meant to be ours.  The name made her so real, ya know? 

The WEIRD thing is, it isn't a name I have ever considered before.  It isn't even a name I considered for a girl as it is traditionally a boys name.  BUT, miracle of miracles, it's a name that EVERYONE in our family LOVES! 

(And believe me you, by the time there are eight kids in the family, there are a LOT of opinions on names and a LOT of years for great names to be ruined by kids like the obnoxious-hyperactive-rock-throwing-nose-pickers-who-lived-down-the-street-or-were-in-the-same-classroom-that-forever-ruined-the-name.  Ya know?)

But then I wondered if a name from a dream was really a reason to go with it.  Was the name meant to be hers?  Was it God that sent the dream?

Wanna know what we decided?

We decided to go with the name from my powerful dream--for her middle name.  Her blog name will still be Rose.

 Her first name will still be her beautiful Chinese name.  We decided that at the age of 12 we wouldn't change her name without her input.  It just didn't feel right this time.

Her middle name will be the dream name.  It's a really pretty, awesome, cool, fantastic name, with a special meaning. 

So, any more guesses?


4dogs said...

My guess is Quinn. Will there be a prize? ;)

thecurryseven said...

I love to come up with names, too! I usually have two or three in line for the next children to come. Either I'm running out of names or coming to terms with the fact that there may not be many more children because J. and I had to work to come up with two names when we discovered we were expecting two girls.

I also have to say I love your decision in how you decided to name Rose... probably because it was how we decided to name our two VN boys. :-)

I'm getting so excited for your!