Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sew Crazy Fun

One of our last summer projects--sewing with the kids!

I was inspired by my sister's creation of recycled clothing turned bookbag and Vu produced this out of an old pair of swimming shorts. 

The shorts had survived three boys and the elastic was gone.  Vu cut the seam in front and back, I cut 1 " off the bottom to make into the shoulder strap (the edge that had been the bottom was already finished and we zigzagged along the raw edge).  We then put the two shorts pieces right sides together and sewed along three sides (the stretched out waist made a natural top of the bag), turned it right side out, attached the shoulder strap and presto!  A really cute book bag!  So proud was he!

Lizzy got into the scene creating a purse from an old skirt. 

She added ribbon and buttons for some color and flair:

Patrick made a headband from an old shirt and a blanket for his stuffed animals by hemming a piece of flannel.

Paul made himself a pillowcase out of flannel (a great first sewing project):

Kim is next on the project list.  Tomorrow she is making a blanket for my sister's new baby, and I am going to start on Rose's.  We can stay in happy-land and pretend summer is never going to end.

I love to sew tho I rarely indulge (because when I do then I get totally immersed, my house falls apart, and we have cold cereal for dinner).  I do have so many wonderful memories of my mother and grandmother teaching me to sew, and I love teaching my own children.  I bought the Kenmore machine above when I was in 8th grade, with money I had earned from my paper route.   Good times people!  Good times!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Those are good times..... :)

Great sewing projects!!!