Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Break Up

Dear Summer,

Please!  Don't go!  I'm begging you!  I'll do anything if you will just stay here and let me continue to bathe in your beauty, relaxation and laughter! 

I love you!!!  I can't stand for you to leave!  If you leave, I will throw mudballs at you!

Try to remember the good times we've had together! 

Remember hanging out with all the relatives and friends?

Remember the treasure hunts which ended in plenty of candy for everyone?

How can you forget the s'mores???

Trips to the grandparents and the concert in the park, especially the crazy dancing and the snowcones! 

Snowcones, my love--remember all the amazing snowcones?  Watermelon, cherry, and lime . . . my mouth thirsts just remembering our sweet times together.

Oh, and the giant ice cream cones.  Remember all the laughter as we tried to eat them before your splendid rays of sunshine melted them all over the van?

How about the amusement park?  Surely, you can never forget the crazy rides and smiles that ensued.

Sidewalk chalk, backyard football, trips to the beach, fishing . . .

My dear sweet summer.  Please don't tell me you are leaving--that our time together hasn't meant anything to you?

If I could, I would relive every day we had together, over and over again.

Please summer, come back . . . I love you!  I can't live without you.

I miss you with all my heart.

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE all the summer. Fortunately for us- in Louisiana- it is still here weather wise the 90's all week.