Sunday, October 17, 2010

How I Brainwash Myself Into Thinking I've Got Everything Under Control

I've got everything under control!  I've got everything under control!

That is the message I'm convincing myself of.

In case you haven't noticed, posts are fewer and further between--meaning?  Yes, I'm back in school, now working on my MSW.  It's been a bit crazy getting everyone and everything organized.  In fact, it hasn't quite happened yet.  The sock basket was piling up and the "oh-no-it's-5-o'clock-what's-for-dinner-rush" was becoming routine. 

But!  Never fear!  I can brainwash myself into anything!

In fact . . . shhhhhhh!  My brain is now in a very happy place of contentment, feeling that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

I spent the weekend focusing on certain areas of the house, and now my mind thinks I'm organized.  (Even if the dust-bunnies are still reproducing under the couch.)

My secret, discovered after many years of trying to get organized?  Focus on these areas:
  • Keep the entryway and front porch clean and free of clutter
  • Keep the laundry done
  • Keep the dishes done
  • Keep the bathrooms clean
  • Know what's for dinner 24-hours in advance (weekly menu a bonus)
If I focus on those five areas, I feel organized.  I walk in my front door and feel a sense of control, because the entryway is clean.  Laundry and dishes are keys to keeping people running smoothly (and I'm definitely into people having clean underwear--even if Vu still prefers to go freestyle.)  Dinner is sanity and, by law, I do have to feed my children!  Bathrooms are the clencher!  Even if the rest of the house is falling apart, if my toilets are clean, I can convince myself I must still be a good mom with everything under control! 

Today I even got some bonus points.  I decorated the entryway with Halloween decorations. 

I even put Halloween lights up around the outside door! 

Now even my neighbors think I'm organized!  How cool is that?


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Annette said...

Love it!

A bonus to the entryway there is less room for clutter on those end tables! :-)

I'm still working on brainwashing myself. ;-)