Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Urgent Referral for WONDERFUL 13-year-old boy!

URGENT: William Needs a Family

I look at this young boy's face and see my own son's--Paul is just a year younger than William.  My heart aches knowing that if my son were in William's place, his chances for finding a family would be slim.  There aren't many families open to adopting a 14-year-old boy!  And yet, I also know my own boys at EVERY age have all been such special treasures!!!

I am reminded of the mustard seed in Matthew 17:20.  I have faith! I believe a family can be found for this boy who sounds like such a wonderful kid--please pray that William finds his forever family--before it's too late! 

This information comes from the Holt blog:

DOB: 2/9/97

In February, when *William turns 14 years old, he will no longer be eligible for intercountry adoption. We can’t let this happen….William needs a family before it’s too late.

This brave young man enjoys drawing, reading and playing ping-pong. In care since February 2002, he currently lives in an institution and attends school. Described as an honest and well-behaved child who knows right from wrong, William likes his caregivers, teachers and friends and is said to be respectful and caring to people around him.

William needs a family experienced in parenting past his age and who can provide him with any medical care he may need. Because of the short timeframe we have to find William a family, families interested in adopting him must have a dossier in country.

Would you join us in praying for William and asking God for a family for this young man?

For more information about William, contact Holt International.

*Name changed

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Anonymous said...

heartbreaking - sending prayers that this boy will find a family soon!