Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's the opposite of elation?

Today I'm suffering from irritation, aggravation, agitation, frustration, and constipation.

I'm in need of mediation, meditation, and medication.

(I'm not really dealing with constipation; it just rhymed so well I had to go with it!)

A little hold-up at USCIS.  They are most definitely NOT invited to my birthday party.


Sandra & Steve said...

Feeling your pain. We've had so many delays, I honestly (naively) thought things would go faster with an older waiting child. We spent last Friday doing a 6 hour round trip to get dcouments certified after a notary dropped the ball. You would have thought I would have seen THAT one coming. Hope your delay is brief and easily remedied.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Feel you on that- uscis isn't our favorite people either.....Praying they will move on it for you!!! SOON!!!!!

Alex and Riann said...

Ug. So sorry.

thecurryseven said...

Oh that stinks! I'm sorry you're having another delay. Waiting is so hard.

But, I'm glad I don't have to recommend adding more roughage to your diet. :-)