Monday, November 15, 2010

I Don't Speak Chinese Very Well

I have been trying to learn to speak Chinese.  It is painful.  And slow.

Altho one side benefit is that it gives my children another thing to laugh about.  Vu, especially, can hear tones that I cannot and he hoots at my pronunciation.

I have an "In-flight Chinese" CD that I play in the car every day.  It promises to teach me to speak Mandarin "in flight."  I think I have listened the equivalent of flying around the world 40 times and I'm not much past "Ni-hao."

I do have to laugh at some of the phrases they teach.  One is, "Do you speak English?"  I am quite certain they will understand my question in English if they do.  I am also quite certain they will NOT understand my Chinese translation.

Another is, "I don't speak Chinese very well." 

Duh!  No doubt all the Chinese people I interact with will know this from the first utterance I make.

If this language learning is anything like when I learned Vietnamese I will learn lots of words and speak it well--but there won't be a single soul who will understand what I am trying to say.

Still, I am trying, and will continue to do so until we bring our sweet Rose home. 

Zaijian!  再见

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Annette said...

Good luck! Maybe you'll only need another 40 trips around the world before you are speaking fluently! ;-)

We can't wait to hear the news of when your sweet Rose is finally coming home!