Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Vu told me he had a nightmare last night that all his Halloween candy started to fly around the room and then it all turned into rocks! 

Maybe that's why he's gorging on his candy today!

While I can laugh about his dream last night, the fact is, Vu has nightmares frequently.  By the time the sun comes blaring through our bedroom window in the morning, we usually have a 50 pound weight snuggling in, half hanging off the edge of the mattress. 

Honestly, I know it's a good thing that he can get his past trauma out through dreams.  He rarely talks about the truths behind them during the day.  But my heart aches for him and the mama-bear inside me wishes I could protect him from his past.  Every child deserves love!  Every child deserves protection!  And the truth is, sometimes my son lacked both.

I thank God he now has a Mommy and Daddy to run to in the night.  I thank God I get to be  that Mommy.

And yet it breaks my heart that he needs to run to us in the night.  Sigh.

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one thankfulmom said...

It is so good he not only can run to you, but that you understand the fears that become nightmares. Interesting that his food turned into rocks...