Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Counting The Days With Prayers

10 . . . 11 . . . 44 . . . 18

These are the numbers circulating around our house today. 

Tomorrow they will be 9, 10, 45, 17. 

Make sense?

18--number of days before Christmas of course!

10--number of days of Selection that Will still has to survive.  Selection is the final phase of Will achieving his dream of being part of the Army Special Forces. 

For any that have watched the Discovery Channel special Two Weeks in Hell that is what my baby is going through right now.  Only now it's been lengthened to three weeks.  I refuse to watch the show until my baby is through being tortured.

11--number of days until Will comes home on leave!  Woo-Hoo!  Kim made a chain to count down the days.

44--number of days we've been waiting for LOA--our next step in the China process to bring Rose home.  LOA can take anywhere from 30-150 days.  After that it will be 3-4 months until travel. 

An adoptive family we know is traveling to China to pick up their son from the same orphanage and they offered to take Rose a gift.  We made sure it was light and flat but still filled with the goodness of love--stickers, Polly Pocket, Christmas socks, candy, notepad, paperdolls, hair clips, stick-on earrings, and a teeny tiny little stuffed pink poodle.

Lots of counting and lots of prayers.

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Sandra & Steve said...

Counting, waiting IS the hardest part! Best to you and yours this holiday season. May all you timelines be short in a GOOD way! ;0)