Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finding The Spirit of Christmas

Last week had me in a bit of a huge Christmas funk.  Too much to do, too little time!  I felt I would never catch up.  The Grinch had taken residence in my heart.

SO RIGHT HERE AND NOW I make a public vow that NEXT year I will be more organized!

I will!  Seriously.  I really will.  I'm going to start my Christmas shopping in January.  Really.

Did I say the same thing last year?  And the year before? 

Yeah, but this time I really mean it.  Cause this year I was feeling all the Christmas joy sucked right out of me.

HOWEVER, there has been much rejoicing and laughter in our house the past few days.  I've also been able to get a fair amount of shopping and wrapping done.

My joy is back.

Will came home on leave and my sister arrived with her family.  What a happy day!

Hubby did the traditional cookie baking.

Will brought home an MRE (military food ration kit thingee) and I had the privilege of drinking the coffee.  Kim mixed it in the bag then I poked a hole in the bottom--Will said that's how it's done.  It felt like something one might do at a college frat party--not that I would know of course.

It is so good to have family back home.  I love watching the cousins together and the boys playing video games on the couch. 

We also watched movies and I'm finally having a chance to read the stack of books that have been calling my name (NON-college books!).

Let the true season begin.

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Anonymous said...

Love and family is what it is all about. We are so lucky. We have lots of both. Mom