Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Teacher

Homework is my nemesis! 

I don't mind the bigger projects, which are kind of fun, such as Vu's recent Veteran's day poster:

and Patrick's Thanksgiving immigrant doll:

I just don't like nightly homework.  I understand why older kids have it, but kids younger than ten?  They spend most of their day in school only to come home to more work at night.  I am not talking about just reading, which I support, I am talking about reading PLUS additional worksheets, flash cards, AND math--every night.  Ugh!  And often, younger kids need adult support.  Which means it isn't just their homework, it's mine too. 

There have been many years I have threatened to unite with other homework exhausted parents creating a homework boycott.

But I'm too tired.  You know, from helping with all that homework.

And I don't want the teachers to hate me.

Or to think I'm a bad mother.

Because I do have a lot of kids so some teachers probably already think I'm a bad mother.

Anyhoo, getting to the point . . . (thanks for listening to me nag) I was delighted to see the weekly homework sheet for Patrick.  His teacher has just become my favorite teacher. 

"In an effort to clear some time and alleviate some of the rush, we are keeping homework this week to a minimum.  If you can, fill the time with some one-on-one time with your child - baking, reading, playing a game, shopping, decorating, and making gifts."

Here's Patrick making muffins this afternoon.

Guess who is my favorite teacher?


thecurryseven said...

See, this is why I would be such a bad public school parent! I have a friend (whose children have always attended public school) who would routinely send back any homework that she saw as merely busy work unfinished with a note attached telling the teacher that she would not allow her child to waste her time doing it.

I could never get her to tell me who the teachers received such notes.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you! I am fine with unfinished work coming home - one of my kids sort of daydreams at times and he doesn't always get his work done, so fine, he should come home and get it done. But the other stuff? not worthwhile. I loved 2nd grade - midyear, the teachers switched to a packet - that at least I can work with because we can plan our week and it also gives good time mgmt (we have basketball practice on tues so you can do an extra sheet on mon or wed or lose some fun time before bball on tues...helps the kids plan). this year its back to daily.

what a nice gift your teacher gave you - time to make muffins!

Ann said...

And truthfully, I don't see the homework as busy work. It sticks with the three R's (and spelling)--I just think that after going to school all day kids need to give their brains a break, ya know?

And yes, I love when teachers give us the entire week on Monday to turn in Friday--then we can do it as the evening schedule dictates