Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bedroom Transformation

We have finished the bedroom that Kim and Rose will share!  I love the end result.  Kim loves it too!  And I think Rose will love it as well!

Here is a picture of the room before--Kim and I were already starting to sort the keep, give-away, trash boxes--the girl is a pack rat treasure collector!

My parents came and helped paint.  They also purchased the new bedding, lamps, and shelves, as a "welcome home" gift for Rose.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  You're the best!

Ta-da!  Here is the after picture!

The bottom half of the bunk was previously being used in our guest room.  The duvet covers are from Ikea:

A new coat of paint for the desk:

A little reading corner--the chair was only 20 bucks and is surprisingly sturdy:

And new reading lamps and cute little shelves (also from Ikea) for holding books, glasses, retainers, lip balm, etc!

It makes it seem so real that Rose is coming home! 

Every time I walk by the room I smile and think of her--here.

Only 17 days until we leave!


Mrs. Deem said...

It's so cute! I love the colors. And, what a blessing from your parents. I'll be thinking of your family during the next few weeks. So much more than the bedroom is getting transformed! : )

Sally-Girl! said...

I love it!!! It is so soothing and peaceful!!! Hey where did you get the little shelf for the books? I have been looking for the same thing.

amber said...

love love love it!

Ann said...

The shelf is from Ikea. I love them and also bought some for the boys--they are especially nice when using bunkbeds!

Welcome! said...

I really love it. The colors go well together too. The bright pink is great. The green doesn't look too bright either.

4dogs said...

Love it! The colors are great! Can you believe the time has finally come???

thecurryseven said...

I love it!

Stevens Family said...

What a great room. Rose will love it!