Monday, February 21, 2011

Legendary Mattress Sliding

In case you're new to our blog--the history of Mattress Sliding, created by Joe, who now smiles down from heaven, especially when he sees his siblings enjoying his fantastic invention:

Legendary Mattress Sliding

Mattress Sliding was invented by Joe, who was the world's best babysitter (at least, according to the children). The kids were always excited when mom and dad were leaving because it meant Joe would make "Orange Julius" milkshakes and let them watch lots of mom-disapproved-cartoons.  Joe would have wild wrestling matches, piggy back rides, then make Will mix up a batch of cookie dough so they could eat it straight out of the bowl--raw.

Eventually, I knew all of this. 

What I didn't know, at least for the LONGEST time, was that he also let the kids do his new invention of Mattress Sliding.

Yes, the name describes the activity. Mattresses are taken off the beds for sliding--down the stairs.

IMHO this is not the safest way to allow children to play! Especially when the parents are not home!  And I put the stops on it once I found out HOWEVER, it remains the ultimate family adventure on certain occasions and since Joe invented it . . . it's hard to argue against.

Two twin mattresses line the stairs, while a crib mattress and plenty of comforters pad the landing--hopefully keeping arms and legs from breaking!

It's crazy!  It's fun!  It's Mattress Sliding!

And now, pictures from the most recent event, which included the addition of a sleeping bag:

It's Crazy!  It's Fun!  It's Mattress Sliding!


sidny said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN! Makes me wish I had a set of stairs in my place. :D

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he he---- we are sooo doing this if our next home has stairs- SERIOUSLY!!!!! :)

5ennie said...

Very cool!!!! I want to try that too :-D

Anonymous said...

what family legends are made of! sounds like angel Joe is also keeping his siblings safe from harm while they have fun too!

I have to laugh at what your future daughters/sons in laws will say when your kids let them in on it or set it up for their kids - "your parents let you do WHAT??"

Stevens Family said...

Oh wow, that looks like a blast! I want to try :)