Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Truly Unique American Gift

I have a few boxes of these stashed in our luggage. 

I love having unique American gifts and Girl Scout Cookies are perfect!  We are also bringing a Pendleton Wool blanket for our daughter's foster family--we wanted something nice that will last--tho we can never truly thank them for the years they have raised our daughter. 

While gifts are not required, we enjoy keeping with the tradition of bringing a small gift for adoption officials. 

I'm still wondering what else to bring and I'm open to suggestions!

Especially considering the fact that my cookies might be all gone by the time we travel!

I owe the Girl Scouts quite a bundle for the boxes I've ordered, so I guess I will have to re-read my own advice from 2009: Letter to the Girl Scouts and do the Do-Si-Do.


Anonymous said...

Save some for me. Great idea on what to take to China. Love Mom

thecurryseven said...

What an excellent idea to bring Girl Scout cookies! Now I'm wishing I had ordered more and I could freeze them. But, the pessimistic side of me says, "Oh but you'll just be able to bring brand new ones when you travel next year."

I found the whole gift-giving-thing difficult. We ended up bringing a bunch of North Park University related items.