Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The First Day

Hey Blog Friends!  It has been difficult to blog, especially since I can't access my blog while in China (thank you to Trisha for posting what is here!), but also because life is very full with seven children--even here in China!

I have plans on sharing more about our first day.  Rose is adapting incredibly well!  Lizzy wrote the following post and her words sum up life with Rose better than mine can.

From:  Lizzy

Words can only express so much.

Today is our second full day with Rose. I wish that I could videotape and photograph every moment with her to show how she is adapting to our family.

Our first moment, as I mentioned before, I struggled not to cry. As we were waiting I felt almost sick, couldn't sit down, and my heart was racing at an abnormal speed. And the moment she stepped off the elevator, my eyes brimmed with tears. Her dark eyes searching around the room, hands tightly clutching her possessions, black hair long with a gentle wave, recognizing our family almost immediately.

A crazy introduction- here's your big brother, little brother, little brother, little brother, big sister, big sister, mother, father. Repeat after me, their names are... Over and over. Rose's eyes connecting with each of us individually, overwhelmed. A quick family picture, a nervous smile.

By the first night, a gentle giggle. Confusion at bath time. Whispered attempts at English: thank you, beautiful, hello. Nervous about making messes. At bed time, claiming an edge with Kim and I next to her.

The next morning she woke with a smile, messy hair, and "Good morning". We all dressed, fixed hair, bonded. Small moments of coloring, shared moments of laughter, and hugs. Progression to I love you- spoken in both Cantonese and English. Her beautiful voice ringing with more confidence. A trip to the park, followed by joyous exclamations, skipping, air kisses.

Today, Rose is an entirely different girl. A cheery wake up with a bright "Good morning!!" Her warm hands affectionately touch everyone's cheeks. Constant exclamations of beautiful. Proudly displaying her English vocabulary: Tree, flower, nose, water, garden- the list goes on. Kisses on the cheek, loud laughs and squeals, jumping on the bed, huge hugs, loud "I love you"s. Her smile filled with confidence and genuine happiness.

Tonight she bravely experienced American culture: Pizza.

Two pieces and a bread stick later, her smile big,  she tossed her head back and  happily rubbed her tummy to tell us she was full.

Currently she's off playing with her brothers.

We are blessed.


asian~treasures said...

Beautiful, tear-producing post!!
Welcome to YOUR FAMILY, Rose!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WOW- continuing prayers!!!!!!!!!!!! She is soo beautiful!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

I love how our God creates our families perfectly. She is a PERFECT fit for your beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

wow Lizzie, you can really tell from the pictures that Rose is getting attached to you. Beautiful post.

Stevens Family said...

So sweet. I love seeing her come out of her shell. It's like watching a butterfly come out of it's cocoon. Beautiful; amazing.