Sunday, March 20, 2011

From Vietnam to Guangzhou

We are all together now in Guangzhou--minus Will and C, it makes me sad they cannot be here with us!  We miss you guys and are thinking of you! 

Our plane ride from Vietnam was uneventful and seemed so short at "only" three hours!

While waiting for the Beijing crew to join us, the boys and I did some sightseeing and found a market that sold every type of grain you can imagine, and also things like dried seahorses, dried bees, and bats on a stick.  We passed on those. 

We also found Starbucks!

Tonight, we enjoyed an interesting dinner at a Thai restaurant that served over 100 different dishes including pigs feet and shark fin soup.  We passed on those too with french fries being the most popular dish!

It is quiet here, with the streets having a park-like atmosphere. 

Our rooms are working out well, although they are not adjoining, and each room has a king-sized bed.  The blow-up mattresses that we ordered ahead of time were delivered and are now blown up and in full use!  (You just KNOW we weren't going to buy THREE rooms if we didn't have to!)

We had our pre-placement meeting today, getting instructions about the big day tomorrow!  Tomorrow!  Can't believe the day has finally arrived!  We are told Rose is nervous, but also excited.  We were also told that our guide asked her, in English, what her new last name was and she said our last name!   

We leave here at 2pm tomorrow and will meet Rose about 3:00.  EXCITING!!!


asian~treasures said...

Glad you're all together...and how FUN that Rose already knows her new last name!!!
We're anxious to see her with HER family!!

Prayers as the time approaches!

Sammy said...

I'm excited for all of you and Rose. I'm so happy she found her family. Please ask her about their foster baby.

Stevens Family said...

Glad to hear you all made it there together and are all set for the big day tomorrow. So exciting!

Sally-Girl! said...

Can't wait for tomorrow. You will be in my prayers for a smooth transition!