Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Do You Say "Picky Eater" in Chinese?

Oh me, oh my! I am soooo tired!  Spent the day shopping, getting haircuts for the boys, getting beautified/hair-dyed myself, planning Patrick's birthday, finishing taxes, and working on a term paper. 

And packing.  And packing.  And . . .

I have discovered something. 

It is not easy to pack for so many people, for so many days, for so many countries.

But, I did pack the most important suitcase today. 

No, not Rose's, not the Under Armour, not the gifts, medications or the myriad of other stuff.

I packed the food suitcase. 

And when you have a couple of picky eaters, a suitcase full of American comfort food is worth it's weight in gold Cup of Noodles.


Kristina said...

Wow! How did you manage a food suitcase??? All our food is intermingled with everything else!!! Is that your carry-on???? I tell ya, once we unload our gifts, I am gonna have a TON of room in my bags!!! lol

4dogs said...

You will find noodles in styrofoam containers in China that are VERY similar to the cup o' noodles and should satisfy your picky eaters. Of course, you'll also find shrimp flavored Lay's potato chips that will satisfy no one. ;)

Ann said...

Kristina, this is actually a GIANT suitcase!
4dogs, good to know! that will work for everyone--except my pickiest eater!

Ann said...

Oh, and 4dogs--shrimp Lays is what Vu is looking forward to! LOL!