Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've been a terrible blogger!  It is so hard to share one computer with eight people and also use the computer as a DVD player!  We have been spending most of our time out and about, plus I cannot access blogger so I have all kinds of excuses.  But, I did want to update--we are doing fine!

First, a big shout-out to James!  Happy 28th Birthday!!!  We love you!  Your loving spirit, kind heart, great sense of humor, and never-ending patience give joy to us all.  You continue to amaze us with your ability to seize the moment and live life with a free spirit--and if I'm ever in a burning building I want you to be with me, because I am quite certain you can handle any emergency with cool calmness.  LOVE YOU and LOVED spending time with you!

First Swim
The time is now going by quickly as we continue to spend our days exploring Guangzhou.  Everyone is ready to come home, there have been some cranky kids (big and little), but we continue to find fun and interesting activities.  The sun has finally been showing itself and today the kids tried swimming, again, and froze--again.  Rose even tried and I am quite certain she has never been swimming before.  She has probably never been that cold before either!   Our swimming adventures always draw a crowd of shocked onlookers.  To understand, you have to know that the Chinese often dress their children in layers and layers of clothing, even when it is warm out.

4 Goats Statue

We had a great lunch on Sunday with K, my step second-cousin (or something like that!)   She is here teaching English and works at a nearby school.  She gave us ideas of places we should still see before we leave and we look forward to trying to fit it in.  K was a delight and we enjoyed her company very much!

The safari was a BLAST!  For those coming to GZ it is definitely worth the trip.  Our weather was perfect and I only wish we would have had more time to enjoy it.  The animals are so close you feel like you can reach out and touch them and the pandas were awesome!

Rose is doing very well.  We went to the Consulate today for her visa--nothing like a 7am meeting time with six children!  We are almost ready to come back home!  Rose LOVED the safari, trying to teach us the animals names in Chinese!  She is starting to test boundaries now so it makes things more interesting but she is also very caring and is especially concerned about Vu--watching out for him when he crosses the street and helping him with little things.  She loves to watch the Disney movies we bought in Chinese, so if you are wondering why there is less blogging it is either because we are not in the hotel room or we are watching a movie--in Chinese.  Luckily, the subtitles are in English so the other kids watch and get a good dose of reading in as they watch.  In turn, they are also learning some Chinese.  It is fun to see all the kids crowded around the laptop, laying on the bed, mesmerized by Tangled (or Barbie Princess) in Chinese.

Tonight we decided to try to get McDonald's delivered to our hotel room because we were tired after a busy day and we're tired of Island food.  Yes, McDonald's delivers here!  It was an adventure I tell ya!  McDonald's did eventually arrive, but not the way we had envisioned.  It was not very easy to explain our order over the phone and the call goes to Shanghai, the central take-out number.  They could not understand the name of the hotel where we were staying, no matter how many times we tried to say it or spell it.  We were trying to get Rose to read it and madly trying to find the dictionary to give them the Chinese name for "white" and "swan," but I think it only confused the listener more.  It go to the point that Lizzy and Paul were handing the phone back and forth trying to talk to the person while I was in the background peeing my pants in hysterics!  The kids had their hearts on some American food, so eventually, Hubby and I took the hotel shuttle down to the walking street McDonald's, then booked back, and an hour later the kids did have their McDonald's--delivered!  We told them we take tips but haven't seen any yet!

Only two more days then home sweet home!

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Stevens Family said...

Sounds like you all were enjoying your final days. I can imagine everyone was about ready to head home.