Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today was a great day.  It was relaxed and everyone was back on track.  We made a rule that if you couldn't say anything nice or positive then you couldn't say anything at all.  It worked!  We rode the ferry across the Pearl River, did some last-minute shopping, and arranged for Rose to have some goodbyes tomorrow.  We also ate out at what will forever be known at KFP (Kentucky Fried Pigeon) to us, a great Chinese restaurant on the Island. 

Today was the day I will always remember feeling like the mother-daughter bond truly jelled.  I have felt love for Rose from the very beginning, but today it was LOVE.  And it was also affection from her to me.  She snuggles and teases and shows concern for her Mama to the point of trying to feed me at the Chinese restaurant.  What a hoot!  She was also trying to get her Baba to eat his vegetables and we have a hysterical picture of her nearly force feeding him broccoli.  I'll post the pic when I get a chance. TOO FUNNY!   

Rose is very loving and caring.  I marvel at how she has maintained the ability to care so much for others given the fact that she hasn't had the most loving of environments.  I also marvel that she is ours, that God has given us this chance to parent one more child, that He kept patiently telling us that she was meant to be ours.  She is truly a treasure and I have no doubt that God has big plans for her life! 

For anyone thinking of adopting an older child but not moving forward because of the fear of the unknowns I have one bit of advice--let go and let God!  My only regret is that we didn't move forward to adopt Rose one year sooner, when we first saw her photo on the waiting child website.  I am sure we will have bumps in the road but, so far, her transition is going better than I could have ever imagined!

It is amazing what we can convey to each other even with the language barrier.  Our little pocket dictionary comes in handy and for the most part we can get our messages across without it.  She is quickly adding English to her vocabulary with today's phrases being, "Oh no!" and "Cool!" and "I like it!"  She already says, "That's beautiful" and "I'm sorry" and she also knows all her numbers, colors, days of the week, family members, and descriptive words (tall, short, big, small etc.) which she learned in her English classes. 

On our end, we continue to add Chinese words to our vocabulary.  Some of those most helpful are: tomorrow, later, share, sister, brother, be careful!, hot, cold, and wait.  I am sorry to say that the hours upon hours upon HOURS that I spent listening to my Chinese language CD in the car have proven to be very UNhelpful.  Rose is a much better teacher!  My attempts have at least given her more to laugh about!  

If I didn't know her age, I would guess that she is nine or ten.  As is often the case, children who have spent time in institutions are delayed compared to same-age peers.  I have no doubt she will begin closing the gap on the age difference, now that she has a family to love and encourage her.   

Tomorrow will be an emotional day as she says her goodbyes.  Please send prayers to Rose.  We can't wait until she meets all our family and friends and receives more love than she could have ever dreamed of!!! 


Anonymous said...

Our prayers go out to all of you. May you have a save journey home. love Mom/Gram

Mrs. Deem said...

I love, "let go and let God." Ahh. If only we would do that more often!

free_to_dream said...

How old is Rose actually? I thought she was nine or ten too.


Sally-Girl! said...

Just LOVING your family from the other side of the ocean!!!

Safe travels home!!!

Sammy said...

Remi and I are love reading your blog.

Stevens Family said...

So very sweet.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate you sharing your journey - your family is amazing from your posts and the pictures. And I LOVE the rule about not saying anything if you can't say anything nice. I need that rule but more importantly, I need a way to enforce that rule!! I am just in awe how well your family seems to get along, the whole "we are a team" aspect seems so evident. I have much fewer children yet they are so divided and its just so sad to me. Thanks again for sharing