Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Mother's Love Lasts Forever

Kim-Joon (now Paul) was very attached to his foster family.  In fact, Paul went through a grief period that still makes me tear up, just thinking about it, twelve years later.  He was only nine months old when he was adopted, but he spent his first few days crying for his "Oma"--crying for his foster mother.

The foster family was equally connected to Paul.  He was their first foster child and they loved him dearly, openly crying the day he left. 

We kept in touch with his foster family for several years, communicating through our agency.  His foster mother even became his godmother.  But then, as time went by, we lost touch. 

When we returned to Korea in 2007 we brought Kim back for a visit with her foster mother.  It was beyond amazing!  We inquired about Paul's, but were told his foster mother no longer provided foster care, and the last known contact number was no longer valid.  Knowing how much they loved Paul, I felt such sadness, wondering if we would ever find them again.  I left a photo album with our agency, detailing Paul's life, hoping they might somehow return, asking about their precious "Kim-Joon". 

Fastforward to 2011.  We book our flights to China and have a 15-hour layover in Seoul.  This time Paul is with us.  Being an optimist, I contact Holt and inquire about his foster family again.  I receive the same information as last time; Holt again tries to contact the family, but has no luck.  I explain how much they loved Paul and how much Paul desires to reconnect with his godmother.  Holt says they will keep trying. 

Several days later I open an e-mail from Korea.  Here is what it said: 

"We have located your son's foster mother!  When I telephoned, the first thing the foster mother asked me was, 'Are you calling about Kim-Joon???'"

To make a long story short, Kim-Joon (Paul) will be reunited with his foster family during our short layover in Seoul.  Praise be to God!  We are so thankful to our agency for their awesome post-adoption services!

A mother's love lasts forever. 

Two days.  Just TWO!


sidny said...

So cool! And so great of you to try to do that for your kids.

On an unrelated note, I was at work yesterday, and a woman who I rang up at the register reminded me of you. Which is ridiculous, because all I do is read your blog, and have seen the one or two pictures that have been posted here. She just looked very similar to her. And then to top things off, the customer behind her was a young Asian woman, with a small child with her. I was thinking "Yeah, that's weird." And then two more customers in the next little while were also of Asian descent. Such a strange coincidence (and now, I don't live in a highly Asian community or anything. It's mostly white and black).

Kristina said...

That is wonderful news! So very happy for you all!!!
I'm going to email you to find out about your flights....we will be in Seoul for a layover as well...

Ann said...


I would love to meet you in a store! Maybe someday we will! It is so sweet of you to share your story--maybe God was sending Crazyforkids thoughts your way!

The Coys said...

Fabulous! I'm so happy for Paul and you! I will be thinking of you each day on your trip!

Mrs. Deem said...

God is so good. What an awesome path He's taking you all on! My friend's son cried for, "Oma" for months. It still breaks *her* heart when she talks about it. Sad, and beautiful at the same time. So beautiful that families invest themselves so fully into the lives of these babes.

Stevens Family said...

oh how touching. How wonderful that Paul will get the opportunity to reconnect with them.

Alex and Riann said...

God is good always! Thinking of you all as you countdown... Praying for peace and smooth travels. Just watched "The Owl and the Sparrow" last night and made us want to return to VN. Would LOVE to stow away in your suitcase but hope that we get to travel along as you blog. I can hardly wait to follow along! Hugs to all.