Monday, March 14, 2011

Our VIP Housesitter

Oh me, oh my!  Can it really be???  We are T-minus 24 hours!!!

I have come to a very important conclusion--I overthink packing! 

Then again, China is a long way from home--and it's not like I can just run up to Walmart to get what I forgot.

Wait a minute, China has a Walmart.

I guess I am overthinking.

Anyhoo, I mentioned in my last post about our VIP housesitter.  We are so excited to have him come and stay at our house!  Tho we wish we could be here the whole entire time to chat with him, go for walks with him, make him delicious treats, and pinch his cute little cheeks! 

We have no doubt he is going to take good care of the place--no late nights or wild parties.

Meet Mr. Adorable!

He is going to be kind enough to share his new digs with his mom and dad--my nephew just returned from his last tour in Iraq and is transitioning out of the Marines.  We are so happy they can use our house while we are away!  Enjoy!

Today is going to be busy!  The final touches on packing, celebrating Patrick's birthday with a special lunch at school (KFC is his request), I have my last classes of the term (including a final exam--yuck), return books to the library (50 overdue items would not be good), and of course, sweep the floor one last time for Mr. Adorable!

I can't believe the day is nearly here!  Give a little WOOT!


Sally-Girl! said...

Woot!! Woot!!!

Anonymous said...

safe travels and glad the house will be in good hands!! :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to follow your trip! I am excited to see pictures from Vietnam. Our dear Evan still talks often of Vietnam, even though he was 18 months when we adopted him. He knows that Vietnam and a group of special men and women cared for him his first year and a half of life. Many blessings on yet another adoption journey.
Kim Crawford

asian~treasures said...

Forget the little's a big WOOT!!!

I was in tears reading that Holt was able to contact Paul's foster mom & that he & she get a chance to reconnect!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

Know that we're praying as you head 1/2 way around the world to meet your newest daughter!!

Sandra & Steve said...

Safe travels! Looking forward to finally seeing you with your new daughter. Exciting (and brave) that you are traveling with everyone. All your children, all of them are wonderful. Paul's foster family story inspired us at just the right moment. We're meeting our daughters foster family in just one week. We plan to stay in touch too. Have a great time, may all go well!