Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quote of the day comes from Patrick, "Rose is really bonding to me, and I feel attached to her too!"

I laughed simply because it isn't everyday you hear a 9-year-old use the words "bonding" and "attached."  Is it obvious Patrick is from a family that uses adoption lingo??

And yes, Rose is attaching to our family.  It is an amazing thing to watch a child unfold into a family.  She enjoys each and every family member, which is actually quite a surprise to me.  I expected her to have her favorites, and she does, but she also enjoys interacting with all of us, both as a group and individually.  I expected her to have more grief, to enter our family with more trepidation.

Instead, I see her quickly relax more each day.  The day we were at the Civil Affairs office, we saw a girl tentatively step off the elevator, look over at our family, and give a nervous smile.  Then, she was led behind a curtain, but shortly brought back out with the same forced smile.  Our family was led to her and she said so quietly I could hardly hear, "Hello Mother.  Hello Father."  I was in tears, trying so hard to squelch them because I didn't want to scare her.  She knew every one of us by name and had obviously looked at her photo album quite often.  She was nervous and shy.

Today, three days later, she is already a different girl.  She openly laughs and smiles.  She helps herself to the snacks and loves picking up the camera to take pictures.  She has learned to play the DS with the help of her brothers, and become quite the style queen with the help of her sisters.  It is a wonder to see how she is learning what a family is.

From an attachment standpoint, it would be easy to worry that she is attaching too easily, too quickly,with no grief--and to worry about what her previous life was like, to be able to give it up so quickly, so easily.

But, worrying doesn't change anything.  Even if she has never really had love, has never known the love of a family, she will learn.

In fact, she already is.


Stevens Family said...

Oh her smile just lights up the room. She's such a perfect fit! I love seeing how fast she's bonding to you all.

J and J said...

Tears of JOY!! for your entire family! I LOVE seeing the miraculous work of God as he creates famiies!

She is simply georgeous and looks like she is already fitting in quite well. Thank you for sharing!

Sandra & Steve said...

Wonderful how well things are going, your Rose is beautiful, she just glows.

adee4 said...

That is beautiful.

Sammy said...

Glad things are going so well. Remi is enjoying checking the blog every day.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WAHOOO!! :) Love this, and completely covering you in prayer!!!! Love your family!!!