Friday, March 18, 2011

The Visit

The day began at 2 am.  Yes 2 am.  Vu was so full of emotion he couldn't sleep.  Which means I couldn't sleep because he kept checking to see if I was. 

It seemed like a full day before it was time to leave for the orphanage visit at 9.  The drive took over an hour, and the surrounding suburbs are much more robust than before.  There is lots of construction and activity--also much more in the city center today. 

Finally, the blessed moment arrived with Vu encircled with the orphange director, Holt staff, and several nannies, including the surprise visit of his favorite, the one he called, "Mom."  I saw his fears melt away and pure joy take hold.  He was like the crowned prince surrounded by his court oogling over him, pinching his cheeks, amazed how much he has grown, how different he looks, and how strong he has become.

The next two hours zipped by as we toured the orphanage, heard stories of his toddlerhood, saw the children we sponsor,

held baby upon baby,

shared gifts, and finally, met his sweet little friend who is like a little sister.

The nannies laughed over every little thing Vu said and together, they recalled special memories.  Their love for him is so evident.  It was like returning to a family reunion.

Later, we went to a restaurant for lunch (you wouldn't believe what we ate--or at least, what I think we ate!), his favorite nanny serving him time and time again, while the director ordered more and more dishes.  I don't think I've ever seen him eat so much! 

Too soon, it was time to go.

Laughter turned into stiffled tears, as we prepared to go.  Vu was hugged, pinched, and patted on the head, over and over again.  The women tried to hold back their anguish, but in moments they were opening crying, knowing it will be years before they see Vu again.  My own voice choked with emotion as I thanked them again for loving Vu, for teaching him what love is--their love was so evident, it made our visit more pricelss than ever.

On the taxi ride back, Vu was somber and he just kept saying how much he loved them.  And how much he will miss them.

I am quite certain the conversation was the same in the other car.


Sally-Girl! said...

Touches my heart!!! As hard as the day may have been, it was healing for him I am sure if not immediately certainly long-term!

The things we will do for our children!!! Bless you mama!!!

J and J said...

What an amazing experience and blessing for Vu! I can just picture their faces as they saw him again. We look forward to returning to Binh Duong as well in a few years:)

Can't wait to follow your journey as you meet your new daughter!
Lots of prayres for your family!


Stevens Family said...

Oh how wonderful. What a special visit.