Friday, April 29, 2011

Adopting? Boys Are Amazing Too!

There are lots of girls waiting to be adopted--in fact, we just adopted one!

BUT, there are many more boys waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting.  Even healthy boys wait.

In the adoption world, I have long said that being a boy is the greatest "special need."

Look at waiting child listings anywhere and you will find mostly boys.  My heart aches for these boys! I love my boys just as much as my girls--and God does too!  So, let me advocate for boys just a bit.

Boys are wonderful!  They are fantastic!  They are full of curiosity, love, humor, and excitement!  Boys are FUN and IMHO, boys get along better than girls. 

Need more convincing?  Watch this video from Love Without Boundaries.


sidny said...

Just out of curiosity (as I am no where close to this point in my life yet), but how hard is it to get approved for overseas adoption? Eventually I'd like to have two biological kids of my own, and then adopt a few, provided I can afford it and get approved for it.

I also have a friend who is a single gay male who eventually wants kids, and is considering adoption as one of many alternatives to having a kid. Is that hard to do? I don't know what the agencies look for when screening potential parents. He'd potentially be single, but has his masters degree (or, will in two weeks), works full-time in a management job, etc. I just wonder if they're like "woah, single man trying to adopt a kid? Errr, no..."

asian~treasures said...

As mommy to a "special needs" boy, THANKS for sharing!! You really should put a tissue alert in your post, though. : )

Kjbikakis said...

this video breaks my heart!
This just makes my drive to adopt a little boy even stronger! Ugg i'm still to young though! Only 4 more years until i can adopt from vietnam and then to China and Korea, and possibly to other countries to adopt! for now all i can do is pray, and pray hard that these sweet little boys find their forever family