Monday, April 18, 2011

Are Guys Who Work At Krispy Kreme Chick Magnets?

Yesterday we took Rose to church for the first time (we were only 30 minutes late--but I think God understands!) and then did the traditional donut run.

As we were standing in line drooling over the various varieties Patrick says, "Mom, before I go to college, I'm going to work at Krispy Kreme, because I'm pretty sure that any guy who works at Krispy Kreme won't have ANY problem getting a girlfriend.  Think about it mom, any girl would LOVE free donuts!"

Of course Paul then had to add his two cents, "Well, maybe not a girl on the Biggest Loser.  If you are trying to lose like, a hundred pounds, you probably don't want a boyfriend that smells like glazed donuts." 

Non-plussed, Patrick continued to wear his Krispy Kreme hat for the rest of the day. 

Apparently, he's practicing for his future career (and relationships)--crazed-sugar-rush face and all. 


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

So glad you children are ok after the tornado!!! SCARY!!!!!! Praying for all who have been affected.

Praying you feel more combobulated :)

PS I think guys who work at Krispy Kreme are great!!!

Anonymous said...

One day you'll be able to take all these funny stories and make a "chicken soup for the kid lovers soul"!
Too funny. I wish we still had KK here!