Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As much as I dislike adoption paperwork, it really isn't so bad--when put into perspective.

There are some parts of the adoption experience that are worse.

Remember this post?

Yup.  There again.  I know.  Slow learner. 

But hey, at least this time they actually gave me a little plastic do-hickey-thingee, so I won't have to be re-traumatized by Cool Whip containers. 

And, because every post needs a photo, I will share this luxury toilet from the Korean hotel. Check out the control panel! It was also a bidet and the seat was even heated!  SWEET!

And here is a "squatty potty" from China.  Nuff said.

I believe my kids have talked more about the potties in Asia than anything else.  As you might guess, it takes very little to entertain my children.  No need for museums.  Just take them to the local potties.   

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Little Bo Beep said...

Yep. I've seen one of those squatty potties!