Friday, April 8, 2011


Life is very busy with Rose!  She likes to see, discover, and try everything!  There is no rest for the weary, but it's been a good week.  At times she continues to test the boundaries, but I think most of it is she just wants to have some control in her life, at a time where she has so little.

Even though it is exhausting, it is so much FUN to watch her go about her day.  Everything is new!  Adopting an older child is like fast-forwarding the joy of all a baby's "firsts" into a few, short weeks.  This week she enjoyed her first bike ride.  Imagine an 11 yo on a teeny-tiny little bike with training wheels, built for a 5yo, squealing at the top of her lungs because she can't remember how to stop!

She also had fun the big swings up at the school.  If she's ever been on a swing before, you wouldn't know it.  She likes to be pushed about two inches high, shouting, "Gentle!  Gentle!," all the while laughing with delight. 

Tonight she was thrilled to make brownies with Patrick.  She was so proud of the final product, got out the special plates, and proceeded to serve everyone. 

Her English is coming along quickly.  I accidentally bumped into her and said, "Dui Buchi," which means "I'm sorry" in Chinese, and she answered, "That's okay" in English--then realized her "mistake," laughed, and answered again in Chinese! 

We have had long conversations with her few words of English and my minuscule vocabulary of Chinese--Chenglish.  It is amazing what can be conveyed when adding in some charades.  We talked about how we will someday go back to visit China--then realized the need to teach her the difference between "someday" and "Sunday."  Google Translate is a lifesaver.

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