Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Easy Was It?

For Rose to talk me into buying her a new Easter dress?

Ummm, really, I think you already know the answer. 

It was equally easy for her to talk me into taking a bunch of pics--she is quite the model and loves to set up the poses. 

She loves the twirl factor of her new dress and the big-girl high heels.

It's fun to have a little girl around again. 

She continues to thrive and is doing so well.  She's full of energy and spunk, there is little down-time, but oh-what-joy she adds to our family!  Thank you God for Your Precious GIFT!


e said...

How sweet! The 'twirl' factor, along with accesories, is a big deal around here as well!

Coll Catandella said...

How fun and adorable, might I add! Can't wait to meet her:) Also, LOVE your new blog photo

Clay said...

I concur that she looks beautiful - but as her Dad, I might be a touch biased. I especially like that she likes conservative dresses - just hoping it stays that way!

OneThankfulMom said...

I'm so happy to pop over and see that Rose is continuing to do well. Such a blessing!! I love the dress.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awww....beautiful!!! And you know it is very easy to buy dresses for beautiful girls :)

Alex and Riann said...

Love the Easter attire and the little-girl twirls and the new family photo!

Stevens Family said...

Oh she is just lovely. So happy to hear she's adjusting well to life at home.