Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Day Home

It is SO good to be home!  All the kids slept for 10 hours, including Rose.  As soon as she woke up she started calling, "Ma!  Ma!"  It was music to my ears!

It's been a busy day with kids reconnecting with friends, Patrick heading off to a birthday party, and then celebrating my Mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!  We love you!  And thank you for taking us out to dinner.  (I know, it should be the other way around!)

Thank you to everyone who met us at the airport last night too.  What a wonderful surprise to see all your beautiful faces! 

Thank you James for picking us up at the airport in the Big Blue Beast!  Rose was happy to see her big brother again!  Here's a pic of James from the Great Wall.

And thank you to our dear friends who met us during our 4 hour-layover.  One would think that a 4-hour layover would give someone enough time to actually say hello, but because of the immigration guy who was a total ASS (sorry, but the truth hurts) we ended up only having a few minutes to say hello as we rushed to our next plane.  The immigration guy didn't believe that we had traveled with six children and that they were ALL our children!  It ended up taking us three hours to clean immigration and customs, with no food, no drinks, and no cell phone coverage.  I had to laugh at an advertisement in the airport: 

Anyhoo, thank you, thank you dear friends, we love you and even ten minutes of seeing your faces made that last leg fantastic! 

Thank you to our great house-sitters who left food in the fridge and a clean house!  They even left homemade cookies and Corona.  You guys rock!  So glad you were able to enjoy the digs.

Rose is doing amazingly well!  I know there will be more challenges ahead, but I also now think that maybe our transition with Vu was much harder than I realized, and this time will be smoother.  She is so loving and kind-hearted.  She wanted to give my mom one of her few possessions as a gift, but we were able to convince Rose to keep it and give my mom the birthday gift we brought back from China, and Rose seemed happy with that. 

Rose is amazed with everything, including the fact that we DO have chopsticks in our family.  I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she discovered that fact!   She actually does very well with a knife and fork.  It is obvious her family transition lessons, given through Holt in the last few months, have helped her prepare for life in America.  

Rose painted this with a simple set of watercolors.  Yes, the girl is artistic! 

More soon, I need to get back to unpacking, laundry, unpacking, and more laundry.  If anyone likes to fold socks, please come on over!


Amy said...

Great to see things are going well. Amazing & beautiful water color by Rose! Frame that one Mom :).

Sammy said...

She is artistic. Will she eat hamburgers? : - )

Stevens Family said...

I thought you said you didn't fold the socks; that you put them in bins. :)

So glad you all are rested and getting settled in. What a fantastic journey and yet it's just beginning. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful!