Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Opinionated Shopping

Lizzy has been busy prom dress shopping.  Last year she was able to get a really beautiful dress for an ubber great price (which we are happy to loan out to anyone who lives nearby--only the dress, not the cute boy--you pervs!).  And yes, for the record, Lizzy and G4 are still together!  He's a great kid, and we all love him.

This year hasn't proven so fruitful in the shopping department.  I have all kinds of suggestions, such as dyeing her dress from last year so it will look different (because it would be a SIN to wear the same dress TWICE!).  She doesn't like my suggestions.

She's also finding she doesn't like Rose's suggestions.

It appears that Rose is even more conservative in her modesty standards than Hubby.  It's a real hoot!

We were looking on-line for a dress and Rose made it very clear that most of the dresses showed too much skin!  ALL v-necks are out!  Same for slit up the side.  Sleeveless was questionable and strapless a definite no-no.

I like this girl.  Hubby likes her even better.

How do we know her ideas on modesty?  Well, when a more voluptuous model appeared on the screen Rose would say, "No, no!  Boys--Psshhaww--Boys--"Wow!  Wow!"-- No, no!" 

Rose went on to mimic a boy with his eyes great big, looking to the side while walking forward and walking right into the wall!!!  HYSTERICAL!! 

Lizzy suddenly doesn't think it's such a good idea to take Rose along this weekend for prom dress shopping.  I say she is definitely invited!

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