Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Chaos Photos

Jetlag has been nearly non-existent coming back from Asia--for everyone except me!  It never fails that every night I wake up and simply cannot go back to sleep for a couple of hours. 

So, why not put up some pics from China, yes?

The infamous Red Couch photos! 

But perhaps a better name would be Red Chaos photos. 

It is traditional for travel groups to take a pic of their newly adopted children on a red couch in the White Swan.  I guess I never realized just how much work goes into that photo--or how many tears. 

Even Rose wasn't exactly excited about the idea.  And I would have been fine with her not doing it at all, except that she had really wanted to the night before, and so we had gone shopping for a traditional outfit. 

So I encouraged her.  A lot.  And in the end she (and Kim) helped keep some of the littles content on the couch of chaos. 

I'm not sure we ever did get a photo with all the kids--and this is actually the best of the worst.

But we did get a pic of our whole travel group,

and some special pics of our sweet little girl.


Madmousel said...

I love this!!! Our Red Couch pics were just as crazy and chaotic... so funny! I was snapping photos and my hubbs was running the video camera. It's a riot to watch the footage: babies crying, camera flashes going off everywhere, parents trying to soothe their children. Definitely a right of passage for all those who adopt from China!

Stevens Family said...

LOL!! OMGness, I love the "couch of chaos." so, so funny!