Monday, April 4, 2011

Return To Normal

We had a great day Sunday with Rose.  She made her first batch of cookies with Daddy

and we skyped with Will and C.  It was our first time using skype and it was SO COOL!  Welcome to the modern day world, huh?  Rose loved it and knew them right away.  She sat mesmerized the entire conversation. 

Today was a return to normal.  I guess a more accurate term would be the start of a new normal.  I am homeschooling Rose for the rest of the school year with our number one goal being attachment and family.  We also worked on English, and she tried to teach me more Chinese.  That is always a hoot!

I wondered how she would react to everyone else going to school--even I had class this evening--but she did well.  Our guide in China had given her a calendar explaining everything to her, so she knew exactly what to expect.  The guide had explained what time the kids came home and that Lizzy would go to track practice after school.  I am so thankful for all the forethought on Holt's part. 

Rose continues to do well.  She is definitely testing the boundaries, which is no surprise, and is actually a good sign.  I am sure we are still in the "honeymoon" period, but I am enjoying it!

She has quickly adapted to the dog, which she expressed a lot of fear about in China.  She will now even pet him.  I am surprised as it took Vu weeks to become this comfortable.

I plan to go back over the course of the week and add some pics to posts from our travels.  I also have more posts on our trip planned.  In the meantime, we begin our new normal.

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