Friday, April 1, 2011


Oh me, oh my!  I have sooooo much to share--and so little time as we wait for our connection in Seoul. 

I must say, it is AWESOME to actually be able to access my blog!  A big shout out to my sister Trisha for keeping the blog updated and putting up pics.  Thank you Trisha!!

We had a very emotional day yesterday but it was good.  Really good.  Good in terms of giving closure to Rose.  She was sad and fairly despondant after visiting her orphanage and close friends and then also visiting her finding spot.  After many tears and some time to just be sad, she slowly started to reach out again as I reassured her we will be her family forever and ever! 

She knows as well as she can, but it is so hard for her to leave behind all that she has ever known. 

Now, we sit in Seoul waiting for the long flight home.  Rose was very nervous about her first airplane ride, but she was much like a person on a rollercoaster while taking off--thrilled yet terrified.  I have some pics to post later.

I have sooo many thoughts and future posts and pics about our trip and Rose.  I am so glad we took the kids and also have much to say about traveling and older child adoption.  Stay tuned . . .

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amber said...

So I was sitting in the doctors office reading "Eric's" blog about visiting Rose's finding spot... tears running down my cheeks when the doctor walked in: he was alarmed and thought something was wrong:) Anywhoooo ... so happy that you are headed home safe and sound. Can't wait to meet my new niece! I am glad you took your kids, too. There is something about international travel (the closeness? the adventure? the memories?) that has been super-glue and super-family pride/special for our family (and yours now too!)