Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wicked Chinese Spider Bite?

The day before we left China I felt like I was coming down with something.  One side of my back had shooting pains and was sore to the touch. 

I thought I must be getting a kidney infection.  No problem.  Lots of cranberry juice. 

The day after we got home, a bumpy, itchy spot appeared on my back and soon became a cluster of blisters.  It itched and burned and was very sore. 

No doubt about it.  A wicked Chinese spider bite.  No problem.  Cortisone cream.  It got worse.  No problem.  Antibiotic cream.  It got worse.  No problem.  Antifungal cream. 

Then, that wicked Chinese spider bite began to spread.  Big problem.  Scabies?  Horrid pictures ran through my mind of having to treat all 40,000 children!  Wash bedding every day!  Blood, sweat and tears!! 

Or, even worse, BEDBUGS?  My mind raced to contain the horrible images of having to use insecticide all over my home for years!  Big, BIG problem!!! 

Time for a trip to the doctor?  Oh no! Time for a trip to the computer to google search all of the above. 
But nothing was making sense!  Until I hit upon the pictures and descriptions of . . . Shingles.  I was actually quite relieved. 

What's a little ol' case of the shingles when I had already survived a kidney infection, a wicked Chinese spider bite, a bacterial infection, a fungus, scabies, and bedbugs?

And yes, after self-diagnosing I did go to the doctor.  Who told me I had shingles.  Like I've said before, I should have been a doctor.

Fastforward two weeks.  Patrick stays home with a fever.  Vu stays home with a fever.  Paul stays home with a fever.  Patrick gets some baby wicked Chinese spider bites on his face.  Paul gets some bigger wicked Chinese spider bites on his back.  Vu gets some very, very itchy wicked Chinese spider bites on his, er, um, well, you don't want to know. 

Spider bites?  No, Chicken Pox.  So far they are all surviving quite well with a wicked dose of Gatorade and video games.

I'd include a real picture, but I'm not that wicked.  Just take the photo above, keep the facial expressions, and put 2 spots on Vu's face-- and 20 on Patrick's.  They've skated through easily.

Then take this picture of Paul, keep the facial expression, and pencil in about 100 pox.  Add another thousand on the body. 

Currently, I am quite certain that Paul does not share my belief that it is better to get the disease than the vaccination.  In fact, he probably thinks I am quite wicked.


Sally-Girl! said...

So sorry to hear this!!!! I got a series of bites after I came home and was convinced I brought home a bed bug buddy. I stripped our entire room, washed everything in our room and Gracie's room,vacuumed everything from floor to ceiling.

Pretty sure it was never a bed bug as only I got bit and it was only one time about 6 weeks after coming home. I think it was an ancient California spider that liked my freckles!

I am soooo fearful of bed bugs. I check out our bed at this RMH as soon as we got here!\

Hope you all feel better soon!

sidny said...

Oh no! Poor kiddos! By the time I was a sophomore in high school, I had still not come down with chicken pox, so I got vaccinated when my then-baby-nephew got vaccinated. I sort of wish I HAD gotten them. I'm the only person I know in my general age group who never did... *slight sad face*

asian~treasures said...

chicken pox...if we lived closer, I'd come over & force my children to play with your children just so they'd get chicken pox (& hopefully NOT the wicked Chinese spider bites..ha!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were all exposed in
China. The kids get chicken pox and
you get Shingles, which is related to
the chicken pox virus. Interesting.
Hope all are feeling better now.
mm, vancouver,wa.