Friday, June 10, 2011

Always Close To Our Hearts

There were a couple of times I fought back tears during Lizzy's graduation ceremony. 

But afterwards, when she showed us the picture she had placed inside her cap, I could hold them back no longer.


The loss of our sweet son affects every moment, of every day, especially the really big ones.

Joe was so full of life, we want to live our lives more fully--for him.

Always close to our hearts, never to be forgotten.  We miss you bud.     

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OneThankfulMom said...

Ah friend, thank you for sharing this. Your daughter has a beautiful heart. I know you look forward to the day when you will see your son again - it will be a joyful reunion! I've been absent from blogs, but yours is one of the first I checked when I had a chance today. You made it through the end of the school year - now let the summer fun begin!