Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Books On Tap

Summer has officially started for me!  I finished my last class and internship--so I am free at last!

While some might celebrate by going to the local bar to find out what beer is on tap, I celebrate by going to the local library to find what books are on tap. 

Here are some I'm look forwarding to reading:

This will be the first summer in a long time that I am not in school or working, so I am REALLY excited! 

I'm open to more suggestions . . . let the summer begin!


Mrs. Deem said...

I've read or have am going to read almost all of those books! Yay for summer!

Anna said...

I just ordered three from Amazon that I know I want to own. Your post reminded me that I need to get a library card.I craned my neck to try and read all the titles. havent read any of those.....

Heidi said...

I see that you have Heaven Is For Real in your stack. I was pressured into reading that one - thankfully. Great book!