Saturday, June 11, 2011

End of the Year Activities

The end of the school year is FULL of activities!

Patrick had poetry recitation--I love that his teacher values having kids memorize poetry as it seems to be a forgotten art:

Patrick as the Big Bad Wolf in his class play:

Vu in his class play of Tikki-Tikki-Tembo:

Paul at his 6th-grade completion celebration:

He looks way too at ease with the girl in the pic--don't ya think?

Lizzy at her grad party--thanks to all the family and friends who joined in the fun--including Will who joined us through Skype:

Lizzy with her track coach at the banquet:

Senior Project night:

Rose's dance recital:

Kim's 8th-grade completion:

Don't you love that beautiful picture of Kim?  Actually, that is her rose which I gave her after the ceremony.  To make up for the fact that I forgot the camera. 

Hey, I was doing great until that last celebration, eh?  My brain cells are disintegrated!

I am now officially tired.  I am now officially ready for summer!

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