Saturday, June 25, 2011

Following God's Heart

Want to help bring home a very sick little boy?

Want to read a really great blog?  Sonia will make you laugh your socks off. 

His Hands His Feet is one of my favorite blogs and they are currently in the midst of bringing home their seventh son from China.  That is not a misprint--seventh son.  Maybe that's why I love Sonia's blog so much--another mother who can understand the humor in smelly socks, farts, and pee-pee-talk.

Anyhoo, they only recently arrived home with two new sons from China, and yet their hearts have led them to return for JJ--a little boy dying of heart failure.

As we all know, adoption isn't cheap, so Sonia is doing a fundraiser.  Pop on over and join the fun! 

In the meantime, here is a video of Sonia and her husband (who is an Air Force pilot--which makes me love this family all the more since Hubby and Will are also military guys, and we spent many years living at Luke Air Force Base).

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Anna said...

what a precious family.