Friday, June 17, 2011

We Heart Our Piano

Paul has discovered free piano lessons on You Tube!  He is also learning several of the piano renditions of popular songs--he is inspired to learn them all!  Currently, we hear Black and Yellow played multiple times per day.

Even more fun--he is teaching his younger siblings to play. 

I have a feeling we are going to hear a lot of piano this summer.  I love it. 

Sidenote--our piano was a very special gift from a Godly older woman in our church, who wanted to see her piano go to a home where it would be loved.  We had been looking for an affordable piano for a couple of years, and she insisted on giving it to us for free.  It has survived years of children, piano lessons, toddlers, and a move.  It is especially meaningful because it was made in Korea, just like Kim and Paul!  What a lesson for us all in love and generosity.  Sweet Arlene is now in Heaven, but I believe she is smiling down, watching the piano continue to receive so much love.

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Kjbikakis said...

I'm So glad to see that some of the kids are picking up the piano! <3 I've played the piano for 10 years this coming August, and i absolutely LOVE it! If Paul wants to check out my Channel i have videos up of my piano playing, some of Korean songs (:
If you have any questions about piano, or piano play you can also email me ^^