Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Points For Homemaker Of The Year!

I am not happy to report that I have received more points for Homemaker of the Year. 

In our family quest to consume more noodles than I thought humanly possible (which always happens after adopting an older child), my kids have started using the microwave.

So they can eat more--faster.

Microwaves are generally safe--right?

Paul and Vu were making a bowl of noodles, which is like a Cup of Noodles, only . . . well, a bowl of noodles.  This just means it is a slightly bigger Cup of Noodles, with a significantly bigger cost than a Cup of Noodles, but it comes in a fancy bowl instead of a lame cup, which apparently makes a kid think it is going to be awesomely better, which makes a kid beg for it in the store and the kid who is begging is the new adopted kid so the parent feels that after taking the kid from all the noodles in China the least she can do is buy her a BOWL of noodles!  (Which is a really lame excuse for buying a bowl of noodles, except that the parent needs an excuse for buying an entire fifteen dollar case of BOWLS of noodles so that she wouldn't have all her other kids clamouring for that one bowl of noodles).    

Anyhoo, I digress.  Back to Paul telling Vu to put in the Bowl of Noodles for three minutes.

Three minutes pass.  The microwave beeps.  I notice the entire house filling up with smoke.

Small problem.  Vu didn't know he was supposed to put water in the noodles.

And why do I get Homemaker of the Year points for this?

Lizzy walks in from work and says, "Mom, what are you burning? Bread???"

Kim walks in from soccer practice and says, "Mom, did you make bread???"

Hubby walks in from work and says, "Honey, did you burn the bread again???"

Yup.  I'm that lame at making bread.  But apparently I have great skill at burning it.

I may never make Bowl of Noodles again.  Or bread.

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh dear.....well if setting off the smoke alarm gets you points when you are cooking- then I have racked up quite a few!!!! although I do make biscuits without burning them??