Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Shy

Our initial reports on Rose stated she was shy and insecure.  We often laugh and wonder where that girl is?  The really funny part is that we were concerned about how a shy, quiet child would fit into our loud, large family. 

Turns out she fits in perfectly!  She was indeed insecure when we first picked her up, but having a family seems to have changed all that!

When we returned from China our other children gave presentations of the trip to their classes.  When Rose saw this, she wanted to present too!  Again, where was that shy, insecure child? 

There she was, the one clamoring to get up in front of a new class of 25 children and give a speech on China in the tiny vocabulary of English she had acquired!

This girl is brave, outgoing, and certainly not shy! 

Look for her in the future!  Possibly as an announcer on CNN.  Or Forbes International Manager of the Year.

Or maybe President of the United States.  (And if you think that immigrants can't be President then she will make sure that is no longer a law by the time she runs). 

I can't wait to see the plans God has for her! 


Anna said...

So beautiful what God does in our families isnt it. My oldest and I have talked about how our blessing was meant to be in our family- the end. The sky is the limit!!! I am so glad Rose has a family that believes in her and will give her wings to soar.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

How wonderful!!! Makes me laugh sometimes thinking of what sw used to describe our kiddos- :)