Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Large Family Friends

Elizabeth at Ordinary Times is one of my favorite bloggers.  We are also (now) real friends (as opposed to only blogger/internet-I-feel-like-she's-my-friend-because-I-read-her-blog-friends). 

Have you ever found yourself talking to someone saying, "I have this friend who is adopting . . . " and then you stop short, realizing that you really only know that person through their blog?  Which is kinda weird.  And maybe kinda creepy to some.  And yet I really do feel like I know some bloggers like friends.  Ya know? 

But it's even weirder to say, "I have this internet friend who is adopting . . . ." That's even weirder.  And creepier.  And makes it sound like I go into chat rooms to chat with weird, creepy friends. 

Anyhoo, Elizabeth is a real friend because we have had real conversations through comments on each other's blogs.  (Does that count as being real friends?)

We have also had real conversations through e-mail.  And the phone.  (Real, real friends?)

Finally, we have actually seen and talked to each other in real life.  I have even been to her house!  (This is where you can gasp that one of my former blogger/internet-I-feel-like-she's-my-friend-because-I-read-her-blog-friends is really, truly, now a real, real friend, because-I-have-e-mailed-her-and-talked-to-her-and-even-met-her-in-real-life-and-been-to-her-house-friend.)

Except that after all this explanation she is probably going to think I am too weird (and creepy) to be her real friend.  So maybe now she isn't my friend at all. 

Anyhoo, anyhoo, Elizabeth has an excellent post today on raising a large family.  I especially love her thoughts on the costs. 

As for me and my herd-of-a-large-family-kids, we are off to the zoo today.  

To meet more real friends. 

To torture the animals.   

And to give the other zoo patrons some large family entertainment. 

Oh! And of course, to eat more snowcones.  

To cool off the end-of-summer-blues.


thecurryseven said...

Not creepy at all, Anne. In fact, I think it makes perfect sense. It must be because we're friends and all.

Thanks for the kind comments.


sid said...

I went and read your friend's blog and enjoyed it. I didn't realize people considered families of four kids to be large these days. That's insane. Though I do get weird looks when people ask how many kids I'd like to have one day and I tell them three or four would be ideal. More would be amazing. But I think four - two boys, two girls - would be absolutely perfect. You know, if I could hand-pick. That being said, I'd be happy with whatever God gives me. But four? I came from a family of four and that hardly seemed huge or ridiculous at all. In fact, I feel like it would make it a little bit easier. The kids would have each other to entertain themselves much of the time (especially if they were pretty close in age), which would be less time that they are hanging on the parents for constant attention. Yeah. Four sounds great. haha.

Oh, and about referring to someone online as a friend? I definitely do that. One of the people I consider to be one of my best friends, I have NEVER met in person. And we have been friends for something like eight years.