Friday, August 5, 2011

Joy and Sorrow

In the midst of sorrow, we continue to experience great joy.  It is one of God's miracles.

I remember when Joe was so sick.  When we began to know that he might not get well.  That he wouldn't get better.  That this "good cancer" was actually a very, very bad cancer.  That the unthinkable was upon us.  That Satan is real.  That bad things really do happen to good people.  That there was nothing more to try.

I remember reading a book about surviving tough times, and the author stated the importance of remembering that the future would hold moments of incredible happiness.

I remember how I found that hard to believe.  Impossible to believe that I would ever feel true happiness again.

And yet I do.  Often in the simplest of moments.

Like joining my three littles in their fort for a movie:

And taking my oldest out to a birthday dinner:

And watching him as best man at his best friend's wedding, including hearing his heartfelt toast to a couple obviously in love:

Visiting relatives and new babies in the family:

Teaching my children to sew and having memories come flooding back of my own mother teaching me:

Summer croquet while visiting my sister:

Watching my children ride horses, knowing my rancher grandparents are smiling in heaven:

Going to the sprinkler park and spending time with my good friend and goddaughter:

Otter Pops:

And more Otter Pops:

Which always remind me of Joe.  Who loved Otter Pops.  And loved leaving the wrappers all over the house, which drove me insane. 

For some reason, when I see wrappers all over the house now I don't feel frustration, I just feel the happiness of knowing Joe is smiling down from heaven. 

Praise God for His gift of joy.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful post. I'll never look at those freeze pop wrappers the same way again.