Friday, August 26, 2011

Advocating For Waiting Children--Edited

"I believe there are locked up secrets in these children, in the core of their being. I belive there are parents who can unlock them, who relish the challenge and the opportunity."~ Dr. Jane Aronson

Currently, there are more children than ever on waiting child listing. If adoption has been tugging at your heart, please consider whether one of these children is meant to be your child.

For those who completed an adoption through China in the last year, reusing your dossier is incredibly easy--and less expensive.

On a VERY happy note, Rose's friend who we were advocating for has found a family! We are extremely excited! More on that miracle later.

For now, there is another child who is close to aging out:

Edited:  She has a family!!!!!  I disabled the link to protect her privacy. 

But there are still so many older kids close to aging out--especially boys!  Imagine this sweet boy in your family,  or this handsome young man, or this kid who has personality plus.   There are also some precious older children who are close aging out on ASIA's website.  Once these kids turn 14 they are delegated to the life of an orphan forever--their futures are very grim indeed.

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