Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Nightmares

Patrick woke up this morning, rubbed his eyes, looked at me with a wild, confused expression, then said, "I had the most horrible dream!  It was Halloween!  And it was raining!"

I expected him to go on, telling me about goblins and headless creatures, but that was his horrible dream. 


And, in our neck of the woods, Halloween often includes rain.  And the bummer about rain is that it usually means a shortened round of trick-or-treating (and therefore CANDY).

I am happy to report that the sky is blue!

How are my little goblins dressing up?

A couple of weeks ago we were in the car and Vu says, "For Halloween, I want to dress up like Daniel in the Bible.  Or God."

Ahhhh.  Isn't that just so sweet?  My heart did a little happy dance of Christian Mommy Pride.

Then Patrick says, "I want to be Scream!  Or the Grim Reaper!"

Christian Mommy Pride erased. 

After lots of changes, I think we are going to have Princess Jasmine (Rose), a ninja (Vu), and some kind of a headless-bad-guy-dude-all-dressed-in-black-with-a-big-ax (Guess-Who?).  Lizzy is also getting in on the fun because they dress up at her workplace.

Kim wants to go trick-or-treating but is having a hard time convincing her too-cool high-school friends that they are not too old (in my opinion, you are never too old!). 

Paul is having a last minute Halloween party.  Which means I need to go to the store.  Again.

And I have been informed that my kids will disown me if I hand out any more pencils, playdough, or stickers. I am only allowed to hand out candy. 

Guess I should put "candy" on the shopping list.

Oh, and we never carved our pumpkins, so add that to today's "must do" list.

It's looking like another fun Halloween!  Enjoy yours!  Eat a lot of candy!

Happy Halloween!


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alisong said...

Sounds like it will be a fun night. Monica is concerned about the 'freezing' temperatures predicted for the evening, around 68*. Jackets do ruin the princess gown look!

irishhende said...

Classic Sam! Love this- they're all going to look adorable tonight.