Friday, November 18, 2011

Alcohol: My New Best Friend

Woke up this morning and immediately googled how to get silly putty out of clothing . . . and blankets . . . and sheets . . . and hair.

(Apparently, Vu was having a little too much fun at bedtime.)

The answer?


Rubbing alcohol!  Just pour it on, rub the putty out--then launder.


Bring on the next adventure!

How did I ever live life without Google??


Anonymous said...

I love desolvate because its all natural citrus base, gets out over 40 things. I have used it for tar, sap, gum, putty, and other stuff. Just thought I share. Smells good too. You can find it at big box stores etc


thecurryseven said...

WD40 works, too. M., when she was 11 (!) fell asleep playing with silly putty on a night she had brand-new sheets and pajamas.


Dawn said...

I've had good luck with baby oil when one of mine snuck gum to bed.