Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chocolate Poisoning

Halloween was wonderful!  Martha Stewart was busy, but the pumpkins got carved.

And the kids were so excited!  No rain (despite rain earlier in the day). 

Rose was absolutely THRILLED!  Here she is trick-or-treating for the very first time. 

It was fun just watching her enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  She was a bit freaked out by the neighborhood haunted house, but the boys were pumped!

Paul's impromptu party went well.  He even cleaned up!

My children are now drunk with chocolate--and will be for a few days. 

I used to dole out the candy piece by piece, day by day.

Now?  Now, I am a seasoned mother.  This is a nice way of saying I am a lazy mother.  I let my kids eat all the candy they want until it's gone!  (Unfortunately, they still want me to cook meals.)

No fights, no begging, no candy for weeks on end. 

Eat it up kids!  Hopefully, you'll barf along the way and keep from poisoning yourselves!

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