Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clue #1

The gift involves travel.


thecurryseven said...

I didn't comment on your last post because I own the book (and love it) and I'm pretty sure it would be unfair if I guessed. But, some of my favorite books (too hard to pick one) were the Anne of Green Gables series. But I have to say one of the things which stuck with me and had a huge impact on me was the TV special about the DeBolts... Who are the DeBolts and how did the get 17 Children? I was so excited as an adult to discover that they had written a book about their family, 18 Steps Up the Mountain. (Or 17 or 19).


Sally-Girl! said...

I think you are thankful for using Rose's dossier and being DTC!!!

My favorite childhood books were the Little House Series, but I remember my aunt who was a librarian giving me a hardcopy of The Hobbit with it's own velvet bookmark. I think I liked the actual book and book marker as much as the story!

Annette said...

Ooo! I like all the comments about traveling to bring home another child. That's my guess!

Happy Thanksgiving!