Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Happy Ending

I couldn't repost yesterday's without also including this one from 2008.  I am happy to report that Prince Charming and Mr. Personality have since had several happy reunions!

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there were two beautiful baby boys, born just days apart, sleeping side by side together in a Vietnamese orphanage.

The two tiny babies took bottles at the same time every day and soon grew bigger and bigger. The babies developed happy personalities and were a joy to their nannies who decided to name them, "Mr. Personality" and "Prince Charming."

The nannies loved the boys very much and hoped they would find families soon, but both boys continued to wait. Together, they learned to sit and crawl and walk.

Then, Vietnam closed their adoption program. Children could no longer be adopted by Americans. The nannies were very sad the boys did not have families.

Mr. Personality and Prince Charming continued to grow and spent their days together laughing and sharing secrets. They played tag and hide-and-go seek with the other children. Sometimes at naptime the nannies would make them a special little fort with a sheet spread between two cribs and their sleeping mats underneath. The boys would giggle and tickle one another until the nannies made them go to sleep.

Years went by and the boys grew into active four-year-old boys. They filled their days eating, playing and sleeping together. One day, the nannies buzzed with excitement--adoptions between the U.S. and Vietnam would resume! They loved the boys and would be brokenhearted to see them leave but because they loved them so much, they wanted them to have a life they could not give them in the orphanage.

One day, Mr. Personality was told his forever family would be coming very soon to bring him home. Soon, the nannies made a cake and had a "Going Party" wishing him good luck and kissing his little head and crying sad farewells.

That night, Prince Charming and Mr. Personality slept side by side one last time.

The next morning a Mommy and Daddy came for Mr. Personality! He was very excited to finally have a family and go to America!

Mr. Charming watched them drive out the front gate. He was sad. He knew he would not see his friend again. He missed Mr. Personality's laughter and the excitement he brought to the orphanage. He missed the way he and his friend would hide from the nannies in the baby room, laughing as the nannies would feign an inability to find them.

That night Prince Charming cried. He asked his nannies when he would get a mommy and daddy. The nannies looked at each other sadly and said, "Someday, Prince Charming . . . someday."

Another year passed and Prince Charming said goodbye to nearly all his little friends. As each left, one by one, part of his heart left too and every night he would ask his nannies when he would get a new mommy and daddy.

"Someday, Prince Charming . . . someday."

Months passed until one day, the orphanage director brought him to her office. She was both smiling and crying. She had a package in front of her with toys and Skittles and Superman pajamas. And a book. A book filled with pictures. A book filled with pictures of Prince Charming's new family.

"Vu, you finally have a forever family! They will come very soon!"

And they did! And he was very, very happy.

Vu loved having a family but sometimes, late at night, as he drifted off to sleep he would hear one of his nannies in a distant land playing hide-and-seek and calling out, "Where are you two boys! Prince Charming, Mr. Personality, where are you?" He would remember how he and his special friend would run and laugh and hide. He missed his friend.

Then one day, Vu's mother told him she had a very special surprise for him! She told him he was going to get to visit his long-lost friend, Mr. Personality.

And they laughed:

And they shared secrets:

And they played tag, and hide-and-go-seek, and Bakugan, and Star Wars, and they made plans for their next visit together:

And they were very, very, VERY happy!

And when they left each other this time, they knew they would see each other again.

As they live happily ever after!

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