Friday, November 4, 2011

Party On

As long as I've been on the birthday party wagon--thought I would go ahead and prove that saying of "better late than never."

Before we went to China (yes, that would be, like, forever ago), I intended to post birthday pics for Vu, Kim, Patrick, and Lizzy.  They have birthdays one right after the other. 

But then, life got crazy as I packed and prepared and packed and PACKED for China.  (Did you know it is very complicated to take 9 people to China?) 

Anyhoo, highlights of our last birthday season.

Vu's party was at Chuck E. Cheese.  I am not a big fan of commercialized parties, but The Ticket Blaster and his smile was worth every penny.  This kid is FULL OF JOY!

Kim had a party at home.  One of her gifts was contacts!  Yipee for the girl who doesn't like (and can't keep track of) glasses!  She also got invited to join the family in China (originally, she and Lizzy were staying home because they had travelled to Vietnam).  Pretty sweet birthday gift for a SUPER SWEET girl!

Lizzy had a family party and then a surprise party!  Lots of fun and we were so glad the girls joined us in China.  Lizzy is a wonderful daughter and one of my best friends!

Patrick celebrated at the bowling alley, then followed with some mattress sliding at home.  FUN!  Patrick is my MORE boy--more of everything!  He is an amazing kid and I love him so much!

For James' birthday, we were actually in China.  When we returned home, we took him out to a fancy dinner.  It was DELICIOUS with quite the view.  James is one of the nicest people I know.  My first born.  He always makes me smile and I love him tons!

Whew!  I feel better now!  All caught up!  Just in time for birthday season to roll around again!

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Stevens Family said...

Very nice celebrations :) So fun how each one was special and unique.